About 2KO Africa

Historical Roots 

2KO Africa is a network of operations, under the umbrella body of 2KO International. When 2KO began trading in 1998, the business model was based on bringing people from the UK specifically (and Europe more generally), to Cape Town for technical IT certification and training. As time evolved over the first decade of the new century, 2KO's customer base grew dramatically in the region of Africa. Scores of delegates travelled to South Africa, from North, West and East Africa, as well as from Southern Africa, seeking the high standard of quality education that South Africa is renowned for. Being an established company, with a good reputation for quality, 2KO International seized the opportunity to expand into the African continent by means of strategic partnerships.

2KO currently has a footprint in 18 countries across Africa!

See pictures of our current (as of July 2017) staff members here

2KO International joined forces with Inspecs in the UK. Inspecs owned a building in London and have subsequently moved to Farleigh where they bought Farleigh Castle, where 2KO based their UK operation. 2KO was appointed a Microsoft Partner in 1999, and has continued the close relationship with Microsoft ever since. 2KO expanded its training through the early 2000's into Cisco and other non-Microsoft programs too. In 2007, 2KO International was granted ISETT SETA approval and subsequently has received MICT approval. This means companies in South Africa may claim back most of the course fees paid out on courses at our centres

2KO International is an IT company that offers a wide range of IT services which include the following:

  • IT Analysis

  • Web Site Development

  • HTML programming

  • WordPress

  • Hosting and Email Management

  • Ecommerce

  • IT Consulting

  • Training for Users

  • IT Certification Training

  • Business Services - consulting and training on a wide spectrum

  • Six Sigma Services - consulting and training on a wide spectrum

  • Online Presence

  • Web Site Maintenance

  • Web Services - such as forms hosting and programming




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