HFundamentals of HTML Programming Online Courses

Fundamentals of HTML Programming Online Course in South Africa



This course is focused on beginners, and will take you all the way from 'what does that even stand for' to creating real life projects using -- and understanding why and how you just did it. 2KO offers a suite of IT services, IT consulting and training programs in business and IT. Our computer training is available to students worldwide either as full-time classes, or as online e-learning from the comfort of home or work.



What About HTML5?
HTML5 will become the new HTML standard version in the coming years. To understand HTML5 you must have knowledge of HTML and how it works. HTML5 modifies HTML to allow you to create more modern websites.

Projects and Source Codes
You will learn the basics, then create real projects that use the skills you just learned so you can understand how HTML works in the real world. You will also get access to all lesson source codes so you can deconstruct each lesson -- another valuable learning and time saving tool.


Class Curriculum

Introduction to the Course

What Is HTML?

What is HTML5?

Getting the Browser

Getting the Editor

Setting Up the Editor


The Basics of HTML

Structure - Hello World


Customizing the Editor

Self Closing Tags - Environment




Block Level Elements

Block Level Elements


Line Break and Spacing

Line Break and Spacing


Inline Elements

Span - Text Modifiers


Linking to the Top of a Page



Tables and Forms


Form Basics

Placeholder vs. Value

Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Select Elements and Text Areas

New HTML5 Inputs

HTML5 Input Attributes

Action Attribute


Submit Buttons

Create a Hotel Booking Form


Semantic HTML5 Elements

New Elements in HTML5

HTML5 Semantic Elements

Semantic Elements in Practice

Meter and Progress Elements





Certificate Exam Access