Six sigma black belt online course in Durban
2KO Africa's six sigma black belt courses in Durban are designed for experienced six sigma practitioners. We are proud of our black belt graduates who demonstrate the ability to bring in 7 figure savings for their company. Six sigma black belt practitioners are expected to coach, develop and advise other managers so the entire company can achieve this goal. They should be able to lead problem-solving projects, but also be able to train and coach project teams.
Our online six sigma black belt courses in Durban are available by live virtual online, instructor-led face-to-face classes or online eLearning self-study video-driven courses. Online black belt courses are offered using SigmaXL or Minitab stats. We include a full perpetual license for SigmaXL, or a 30-day trial version of Minitab. Start immediately after payment.

Online Video Courses

Online video courses – 5

Our training modules allow you complete quizzes while you watch them and prepare for your final exam. All modules are of the highest quality production and are recorder on studio grade equipment.

Virtual Training?

Virtual training – 4

Enjoy the benefit of instructor-led virtual training in a classroom-based setting while being taught by professional trainers with years of practical experience. While we normally use Zoom or Microsoft Teams when training when larger groups are involved we can make exceptions to use your preferred software.

2ko offices

2KO Offices – 6

Your ability to learn Six Sigma is dependant on the quality of your learning materials and the lessons themselves. We understand that it is our responsibility to deliver you the highest quality training to achieve this. All of this is made possible by utilizing trainers with years of practical experince in practicing and teaching Six Sigma methadology at the highest level.

At my company

At my company – 1

Our on-site training is available on special request and can be organised for our trainers to come and train your staff at your own company facilities.