Budgeting & Financial Management

R14 900

3 Days

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Course Description

Budgeting Financial Management Courses South Africa Online Training Cape Town Johannesburg 2KO Africa is based in Cape Town South Africa and delivers Budgeting & Financial Management courses in South Africa or world wide Course overview As financial resources of projects becomes constrained as a result of multiple demands by the various project objectives, the need for critical budget preparations and compilation has become very important. Budgets are prepared for many different purposes and the period of future forecasting varies, but most projects budget are prepared annually with the input from the various project activity areas to estimate their proposed expenditure for the period and for the appropriate subvention and allocation of funds earmarked for the projects. With this in mind project finance and budget officers in various donor funded projects are challenged to exhibit high professionalism in the data mobilisation for the preparation of the budgets, and to meet and comply with budget submission deadlines. Sub-vented institutions also needs to effectively utilize budget funds allocated in accordance with the initial proposal submitted. This calls for the implementation of a strategic finance and budgetary control effort by all section/department heads and managers towards the achievement of the budget objective. This 4 week course has been designed to sharpen the skills of officers who are directly or indirectly involved in finance and budget preparation of projects for their organization, to comply with their donor funding agency reporting requirements.