Education Management Information System(EMIS)

R26 550

10 Days

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Course Description

Education Management Information System Courses Cape Town Durban Education Management Information System Certification Enrol on our Education Management Information System Training Course in Johannesburg or Cape Town. Education Management Information System training is aimed at Six Sigma certification for throughout the world recognition Introduction Relevant, reliable, timely data and information is essential for improving the quality and performance of education systems. Despite years of effort, lack of access to such data and information continues to hinder effective education policy and decision making. Education policy leaders, decision makers and senior managers understand the importance of detailed, accessible, timely data to help inform decisions, assess results and allocate resources effectively and efficiently. Without good data and information the decisions made by national, regional and local education policy leaders can never be as effective and efficient as they need to be to meet the needs and requirements of their learners and education institutions. In some countries the main problem is still a lack of access to basic data and information, in others the challenge is lack of alignment and integration of information from multiple sources. What we know is that for many years, education authorities have been building and using multiple independent data systems for various purposes. As a result, many countries today have separate systems for managing finance, student, staff, accounting, maintenance, attendance and assessment information. These subsystems are inefficient and they do not provide decision makers with the kinds of consolidated data they need to make decisions that will improve the quality and performance of their education systems.