Online Lean Green Belt

R17 500

Chapter 1: Introduction
  • History
  • Lean Six Sigma Definitions
  • Understanding Six Sigma
  • Understanding Lean Principles
  • Understanding Losses Attributable to “Waste”
  • Interrelationship of Lean Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Fundamentals
  • Selection of Projects
Chapter 2: Define
  • Selecting an Output Characteristic (“Y”)

  • Defining Performance Standards

  • Describing the Process

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Swim Lane Mapping

  • Project Charters

  • Cost of Poor Quality

  • Understanding Basic Statistics

Chapter 3: Measure
  • Process Definition

  • Variable Gage R&R

  • Attribute Agreement Analysis

  • Variables Data Capability Analysis

  • Attribute Data Capability Analysis

  • Process Discovery

  • Six Sigma Statistics

  • Measurement System Analysis

  • Process Capability

Chapter 4: Analyse
  • Identification of Potential Causes

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Chi-Square & ANOVA

  • Correlation Analysis

  • Regression Analysis

  • Basic Design of Experiments

  • Quick Changeover (SMED)

  • Inferential Statistics

Chapter 5: Improve
  • Regression

  • Establishing Operating Tolerances

  • Re-evaluating the measurement system

  • Total Productive Maintenance

  • Cellular Manufacturing

  • 5S – Visual Management

  • Process Modelling Regression

  • Designing Experiments

Chapter 6: Control
  • Lean Controls

  • Principles of Statistical Process Control

  • Process Capability

  • Error Proofing

  • Reliability & Asset Utilization

  • Standardized Work

  • Pull Systems

  • Understand the 5 phases of the Control Plan

Course Description

Green Belts play an important role in your company’s Lean Six Sigma implementation strategy. They are the problem solvers assigned to Black Belt projects. Learn how to apply the right tools at the right time to maximize efficiency in defining, measuring, analysing, improving, and controlling critical processes to increase cost savings. Six Sigma South Africa™ lean six sigma green belt courses are scheduled often in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Virtual lean green belt six sigma training is available world wide.